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Tradex24 Corporation is a multifaceted blockchain and cryptocurrency company dedicated to providing a wide range of digital financial services and a comprehensive ecosystem for its users. The company currently offers four products and has two more in development to further enrich its offerings.

Our Products

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Trade Coin

Our premier cryptocurrency, Trade Coin, simplifies online transactions, investments, and trading, providing security and ease of use for the digital economy.


FDUSD – Stable Coin

FDUSD, is a stablecoin that plays a pivotal role within the Tradex24 Corporation ecosystem. It is designed to maintain a stable value, often pegged to a fiat currency.


Play to Earn P2E

Immerse yourself in our Play To Earn gaming platform, where you can enjoy games and earn rewards using Trade Coins merging entertainment and cryptocurrency utility.


Engage To Earn E2E

Connect with a vibrant community on our blockchain-based social media platform. Engage, share content, and earn rewards for your active participation.


Staking Program I2E

Invest to Earn program is for passive income by participating in our staking program, supporting network security while receiving rewards for your commitment.


Crypto Wallet

Your all-in-one solution for securely storing and managing digital assets. Our upcoming crypto wallet will provide peace of mind for cryptocurrency holders.


Crypto Exchange

Stay tuned for our secure cryptocurrency exchange, enabling easy trading of a variety with lowest fee and fastest trading platform of digital assets, including Trade Coin.


Own Blockchain

Our proprietary blockchain is at the heart of Tradex24’s financial ecosystem. It provides enhanced security, control, and efficiency for all transactions within Web3 platform.


Coin Junction Tracker

Coin Tracker Junction is your all-in-one solution for tracking and managing digital assets. Whether you hold our custom tokens or external cryptocurrencies, this platform offers real-time data.

Business model

Tradex24 Corporation aspires to offer a comprehensive ecosystem for users in the digital economy. Its product lineup spans from financial services and entertainment, such as gaming and social media, to upcoming additions like a cryptocurrency exchange and wallet. The success of this concept will depend on the company’s ability to execute its vision and meet the needs and expectations of its target audience.

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